02 DATURA Item : NOA

The NOA coat is a treasured piece from the 02 DATURA season. With an oversized silhouette that can be worn over thick chunky knits as well as lightweight outerwear, it is a piece that provides the finishing touches to any outfit. Thanks to the fine embroidery made by skilled craftsmen, its presence is gorgeous and luxurious.

キルト刺繍による大判のコート「NOA」は、02 DATURAの中でもとりわけダイナミックな魅力を放つ一着。厚手のニットはもちろんのこと、コートの上からも羽織ることのできるビッグシルエットで、着こなしの最後に纏いスタイルを完成させるアウターだ。その存在感は、スポーティな中にも熟練の職人技が手掛けた刺繍によるラグジュアリーを感じられる。

Director SOKO says, "The tradition of quilts handed down from generation to generation was the initial inspiration behind this style. By combining a soft eco-friendly leather with meticulous embroidery, I was able to make a truly exquisite, yet sturdy fabric. I also wanted functionality, and making the fabric fully reversible made this possible.”The suede-like texture on one side and smooth polyester on the reverse side are embroidered together with Hawaiian quilt designs. In order to make a subtle and wearable motif, the quilt design is about one quarter of the size of a normal quilt pattern. Because of the complexity of the small motif design, the embroidery could not have been realized without the exceptional skills of an expert craftsman.


The coat, which is based off of a classical cape, mixes in military elements to create a casually elegant look, broadening ranges in styles. Menswear details such as back vents and a chinstrap give a sharp and dignified look. Button closures run all along the sleeves and sides so that the piece can be worn as a coat or opened up like a cape. Furthermore, the style is fully reversible allowing for style versatility. NOA is a special timeless piece that will enliven your winter wardrobe.