ARTIST FILE 02 : Objet d’ art

Sower's signature black hemp fabric is making its way into the world of interiors. Custom cushions were designed and developed in collaboration with the well-established antique furniture store Objet d'art. Sower’s director Soko envisioned the cushions to have her ideal specifications, with the perfect size and texture as well as ultimate comfort. Soko had a chance to sit down with Objet d’art’s Satsuki Sasagase, who co-developed the products, to reflect on the creative process of their collaboration.

SOWERを代表するファブリックである「ブラックヘンプ」がインテリアに発展。知る人ぞ知るアンティーク家具店「オブジェ デ アート」とダブルネームでクッションを製作した。ディレクターのSOKOが自身の理想のサイズ、肌触り、抱き心地を追求し完成。ともに製作に携わり、販売も行う「オブジェ デ アート」の笹ヶ瀬皐さんとコラボレーションを振り返った。

Soko (S):The collaboration with Objet d'art came along naturally. It started when I was in search of a specific sized cushion.

Objet d'art (O):This sort of pillow-like large horizontal cushions are hard to come by in Japan.

S:In the US, where I spent most of my life, this size of cushion is not so unusual, but in Japan, I find that most cushions are smaller and stiff.

O:Soko was looking for a cushion that would be soft enough to change its form when you hold it in your arms, and keep its shape when you let go. We were very particular about the composition of the filling, which needed to be soft and a little dense.

S:Having the custom filling was key to the creation of my ideal cushion. Our black hemp fabric pairs well with the Objet d'art furniture in terms of color, and the waffle fabric has a really comfortable texture to the touch, so I thought it would be perfect as a cushion cover.

O:Coincidentally, I was also looking for cushions that would match the furniture in the store, so this collaboration came at the perfect time.







S:Mr. Sasagase and I have similar tastes in style, so I knew that no matter which Sower fabric we ended up using, we would be able to create something that would match the aesthetic of Objet d'art products.

O:Every Sower fabric has a hand-crafted quality, so they go very well with our furniture.

S:That’s why we asked you to style the space of our debut exhibition using Objet d'art furniture.

O:We were approached shortly before Sower launched, and just by seeing the swatches, we could sense the uniqueness of the fabrics. Their lookbook also helped visualize the brand image, and I really enjoyed styling the space with our furniture.

S:When launching Sower, I thought that having Objet d'art, which is one of my favorite places, to style the exhibition space, would help to fully portray the mood of the brand. We also made the furniture available for purchase for those who came to the exhibition.

O:Our concept is to offer a special lifestyle experience, and we feel that special clothes pair very well with special furniture.

S:The concepts behind the furniture and clothing match each other to a large extent, and the clothes that SOWER makes are based on passing on techniques and values. We want to not only express clothes, but also introduce an entire lifestyle. I think many of the customers of "Objet d'Art" can relate to this, and I think a home filled with Objet d’art furntiure and SOWER clothes would create a very nice space to live in. Many of the pieces Objet d'art carry are vintage furniture that are relevant to this day and should be preserved for the future.

S:笹ヶ瀬さんとは好きなものが似ているので、SOWERのどの生地を選んでも「オブジェ デ アート」のプロダクトに合うものができると思っていたんです。


S:それもあって、SOWERのデビューコレクションの展示会で、「オブジェ デ アート」の家具を並べた空間づくりという演出もお願いしましたね。


S:私が好きな「オブジェ デ アート」の家具が会場に置いてあることで、ブランドのムードを十分に表現できると思っていました。お越しいただいた方には、家具も購入できるようにしたり。


S: 家具と洋服のコンセプトがマッチしてる部分が大きいですね。SOWERが作る服も、技術の継承や価値を伝えていくことが根底にありますし、服だけではなくライフスタイル全体を表現したいと思っています。「オブジェ デ アート」のお客様にも共感していただける方が多いと思います。SOWERの服と、こういった家具が置かれた家はすごく素敵な空間だと思います。今の時代に通用する残していくべきヴィンテージの家具ばかりですよね。

O:For the first collection exhibition, I focused on the relationship between clothes and furniture that can transcend time and culture. For example, I used a French daybed as a table, and paired it with chairs by a Brazilian designer. The lighting we used was by a German designer inspired by Japanese design. I also believe that supporting the works of current artists is important in order to nurture what will become the next era of vintage furniture. In that sense, I feel that Sower clothes have that special quality to be sought after as vintage pieces in the future.

S:I hope that our fabrics are able to be integrated into various aspects of our daily lives. Our textiles can easily be incorporated into lifestyle goods, and I’m interested in continuing working together with Objet d'art to create special products.

Objet d’ art / Made to order.