Quality tailored jackets were an integral part in the 90’s music based 04 PRIMULA collection. SOWER made a chester coat, collarless jacket, and trouser set up in 100% cashmere to add a sophisticated aspect to an otherwise casual style era. “I like the casually rough combination of T-shirts and sneakers, but I wanted to complete that style with a sharper element by creating timeless tailored pieces in cashmere," says SOKO.

90’Sの音楽シーンをベースとした04 PRIMULAは、上質なジャケットがスタイルの決め手となる。SOWERが提案するチェスターコート、ノーカラージャケット、トラウザーは、カシミア100%にこだわり、カジュアルに洗練のエッセンスを加える必須アイテムだ。「Tシャツにスニーカーというラフなスタイルは好みだが、それに合わせるシャープなファインウェアを作りたかった」とSOKO。

In search of a smooth and extremely lightweight fabric, SOWER took on the challenge of making a melton with 100% cashmere. Using fine worsted cashmere yarns, usually used in jersey fabrics, a rich and supple fabric with an elegant drape was created. “Although the garments are made for fit and are tailored, because the fabric is very soft and not stiff, it is very comfortable and easy to move around in. It’s a quality that will satisfy a savvy person who understands fabric and clothes well.” (SOKO)


The chester coat has an intentionally deep slit in the back, while the jacket has a clean cut collarless design to be worn for daily wear. The natural luster of the cashmere melton expresses a quality that creates these sophisticated styles that are unaffected by trends, to be nurtured for decades.