04 PRIMULA Fabric : Satin ribbon tape cut and sewn jersey

This eye-catching wavy satin ribbon top is actually made from a cut and sewn jersey fabric. At first glance, it appears as if the satin ribbon tapes are sewn onto the wool-based fabric, but they are actually knitted into the fabric with a very unique knitting machine.


“This machine is unusual in that it can insert materials of completely different thickness and textures, such as sequins, and knit it together with the base yarn. Ribbons and sequins that are sewn onto a finished fabric will not stretch. To take full advantage of the stretch that is naturally present in cut & sewn fabrics, we utilized this special knitting technique," says SOKO.


The wavy ribbon stripe is transformed into two styles: a vertically striped cardigan and a pullover with diagonally placed ribbons. The fluttering satin ribbons give an awe-inspiring luxurious presence to the short, compact styles made with a blend of soft touch of alpaca wool.


“Stripes were representative of casual boyish styles in the 90’s. We wanted to represent that essence by creating a sophisticated stripe with a feminine approach unique to SOWER” (SOKO).

「ボーダーは90年代を代表するボーイッシュでカジュアルなスタイルに多かった。 そのエッセンスを、SOWERならではのフェミニンなアプローチで洗練されたストライプに表現したかった」(SOKO)。