04 PRIMULA Fabric : Jacquard Fleece

The unique jacquard pattern on the gorgeous fleece fur is an essential element of the 04 PRIMULA collection. The different colors of fleece fur, represented by different types of yarns, are made from a single piece of fabric to simulate a patchwork style.

ゴージャスなボアコートは、04 PRIMULAの音楽を感じるスタイリングを完成させるなくてはならない存在。SOWERはジャカード織りでユニークな柄と毛流れが際立つ一着を制作した。4つの柄にボアの出方が変わるように、それぞれ異なる特性を持つ糸をセットし、柄がありながらもパッチワークのような縫い合わせではない1枚のファブリックで作り上げた。

“I wanted to express an unevenness to the fleece fabric. We used four types of yarns which react differently during the finish process. Some yarns would shrink to lay flat and some will elongate to create a flowing fur look. “(SOKO)
To create the irregular patterns, the four yarns were strategically placed and woven. Camel wools were used to express natural and boucle type fleece patterns, while acrylic yarns were used to express shiny and longer shaggy patterns. The use of high-quality camel wool is particularly unique to SOWER.


“The pattern was inspired by a graphic piece by Nigel Grierson (04 PRIMULA artist collaborator) and Vaughn Oliver. Vintage rabbit fur coat patterns were also an element of inspiration when creating the pattern for the geometric patchwork " (SOKO).
The fleece jacquard is offered as a dramatic coat, bag, and scarf. SOWER’s knowledge of yarn manipulation helped to create this series, which adds a glamorous touch to any outfit.

「この柄は、ナイジェル・グリアソン(04 PRIMULAのコラボレーターでもある写真家)とヴォーン・オリバーのグラフィック作品からインスピレーションを受けたもの。幾何学的なパッチワークのパターンを作る際、ヴィンテージのラビットファーのパッチワークコートからの着想も合わせて柄を描いた」(SOKO)。