04 PRIMULA Fabric : Bonded Ultrasuede®

SOWER imagined a version of suede, and how to wear it daily in a non-precious way. A mod inspired parka formed the basis for the creations that followed. SOWER has collaborated with Toray Industries’ Ultrasuede®, an eco-friendly material that has the smooth and soft hand of real suede.

04 PRIMULAで追求したリュクスな素材の一つがスウェード。モッズにインスパイアされたパーカをベースとし、ラフにデイリーに楽しむスタイルとして提案した。東レのウルトラスウェード®(リアルスウェードと同じように、滑らかなテクスチャーの環境に配慮)を用いて、SOWERと東レで共同開発、究極の着心地を追求したのがボンディングウルトラスウェード®だ。

The pursuit for the ultimate in comfort was studied. An ultra-fine cotton rib jersey was brushed and then bonded with Ultrasuede® so that the softness of the cotton side would brush directly against the skin.
“Ultrasuede® is soft and smooth, but by bonding natural materials to it, the wearer can feel an extra sense of ease and comfort. Bonding the two materials also made for a sturdier fabric, which allowed for a beautiful silhouette.” (SOKO)


Fraying is prevented by using a rib, and the hems of each garment are finished raw, just like many real suede garments for a lightweight feel.
The attention to these fine details is what makes a SOWER garment sophisticated and special.