02 DATURA Item : 900 waist pouch

One of the most important aspects in designing Sower accessories is making items that will transcend seasons. The python leather waist pouch “900" was introduced in the 01 Calathea season, and has maintained the same size, color, and material, strengthening its presence as an iconic style for SOWER.


One feature of the “900” that was thoroughly studied was its size. "I had wanted to make a belt bag that would fit a sizeable smartphone, yet not feel too large or bulky, something not easily found. This bag can also be carried as a clutch and the removable belt can be used on its own.”
The “900” can be used as a waist bag, crossbody, clutch, and belt, together, or separately. There is also a slit pocket on the inside to store cards, business cards, and other small items separately.
SOKO's concept was to create a functional accessory-like pouch with easy access, almost like a large pocket.


Many belt bags are casual and sporty, making the “900” bag, which is made from a single piece of python leather, a luxurious and refined piece. Its beauty can be felt through the material. Within its compact size, the craftsmanship of the details cannot be overlooked. The pouch opens and closes with a snap button. “There was an option of using magnets, but in wanting to keep the lid thin and sleek, I’ve decided to use snaps instead. There is also a richness that can be felt in the stitching of the handsewn snaps.” says Soko.

The simple round gold d-rings on the belt accentuates and completes the chic look of the black python leather. The fusion of fashion, practicality, and artisanal design has resulted in this small accessory that is representative of SOWER.